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PHOTO: Nationals Fan-Made 'Free Wilson' Hats For Wilson Ramos Vigil

In an hour and fifteen minutes hundreds of Washington Nationals are expected to converge on the Center Field Gate of Nationals Park for a candlelight vigil for catcher Wilson Ramos who was kidnapped from his home in Venezuela two days ago. Fans will be bringing signs, mementos and stories to show support for Ramos and his family.

There will be plenty of "homemade" materials as their usually is, but Nationals fan "Debbie" sent in a photo of a pair of homemade "Free Wilson" hats that will be worn during the event by some lucky fans. Debbie is a big Nationals fan and her favorite player? Wilson Ramos.

Indeed, it is just a bit of felt with marker added to a Nationals cap, but it screams of the innocence and the truthfulness of the moment and how Nationals fans will give everything they have to show that they love the team and their players.

Photo and some updated Vigil information after the jump.



  • The vigil starts at 6pm outside the Park. Keep in mind that Navy Yard Metro WILL BE CLOSED due to maintenance. Plan your transportation accordingly. Carpooling, biking in, walking, etc. all recommended.
  • Free shuttle bus service will operate between the L’Enfant Plaza and Southern Avenue stations to closed Metro stations.
  • No parking restrictions Friday. That means no tickets.
  • It will be held outside the Center Field Gate.
  • It is expected to last 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.
  • Bring candles, signs, etc.
  • Solidarity by wearing Ramos/Nats gear would be sweet, but not necessary.
  • Dress warmly.
  • There will be an introduction and then people will be given a chance to say a few words. There will be a moment of silence and then people will be able to leave signs and other gestures.
  • This is a completely fan organized event. The Washington Nationals have nothing to do with it. Everyone is expected to be respectful of the team’s wishes if the vigil is asked to leave the area.

(Vigil rules from Nats NQ)