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Wilson Ramos Found Alive By Venezuelan Authorities

According to reports, Wilson Ramos has been found alive and is safely in the custody of Venezuelan authorities – the best possible outcome in this nightmarish scenario. Late Friday night, Rockies and Venezuelan reporter Rafael Rojas tweeted that Ramos had been found safe in the remote mountains of Venezuela.

Via Rafael Rojas:

VZ Information Minister tweets Ramos has been found safely by authorities at mountains at Carabobo state

Rojas also tweeted that word spread around the Venezuelan league via PA system and the crowds roared upon hearing the good news.

Ramos was kidnapped in front of his home earlier this week. Late Thursday night, Venzuelan authorities confirmed that he was still alive but his whereabouts were still unknown. Then late Friday night, the Venezuelan Information Minister informed the public that he had been found safely.

The Internal Affairs Minister issued a statement that Venezuelan authorities were planning to bring him directly and safely to his home.