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Wilson Ramos Kidnapping: Washington Nationals' Catcher Describes His Rescue

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has finally provided some details on how Venezuelan authorities were able to rescue him from kidnappers on Friday night. Ramos said the two sides engaged in a gunfight for 15 minutes before police contacted him to pull him free. Via's Jesse Sanchez:

"I remember the authorities showing up outside and there was a gunfight," Ramos said. "I think it lasted about 15 minutes. I was under the bed. I was so afraid. All of a sudden I hear the police calling my name. 'Wilson! Wilson!' And I answered, 'I'm here! I'm here!' They got me off the floor and got me back home. I am so grateful."

In an interview with John Forero for the Washington Post, Ramos described the whole thing as "something I had only seen in the movies." He told Sanchez that the kidnappers actually treated him pretty well and explained to him that it was all about the money. They told him they had no intention of harming him.

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