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Wilson Ramos Kidnapped: Four Gunmen Took Washington Nationals' Catcher Away, According To Report

The news of Wilson Ramos being kidnapped in Venezuela continues to trickle out, and there are reports from foreign publications that there were multiple men involved in the act. According to El Nacional, four armed men approached Ramos and took him away. They have yet to make any ransom demands, according to the report.

As translated by Baseball Nation:

According to respondent, 4 gunmen approached the grandeliga Washington Nationals near his home in the Santa Ines, capital of Carabobo, and took him away.

"They are still waiting for the kidnappers contact the family," continued the insider. "At the moment the only thing they have done is to inform the police."

Ramos was one of the Nationals' most promising youngsters last year, hitting .267 with 15 home runs and 52 RBI. He was playing winter ball in Venezuela at the time of the reported kidnapping.

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