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MLB Free Agency 2011: Washington Nationals Will Tender Contract Offers To Michael Morse, Tyler Clippard, Jordan Zimmerman

As the midnight deadline for tendering offers approaches on Monday night, it appears that the Washington Nationals will tender contract offers to six of the seven players who were unsigned. These are players who are unsigned but still arbitration-eligible and on the roster, with the Nationals having the ability to retain control. It was reported earlier in the night that lefty reliever Doug Slaten would be a non-tender. According to reports, he will be the only one, as the Nats plan to tender offers to Michael Morse, John Lannan, Jordan Zimmermann, Tyler Clippard, Jesus Flores, and Tom Gorzelanny.

Via Mark Zuckerman:

Nats official says all others will be tendered: Clippard, Flores, Gorzelanny, Lannan, Morse, Zimmermann.

All six players have until next month negotiate their salaries for the upcoming season, or else enter the formal arbitration process. As Zuckerman reports, the only real toss-up decision was Gorzelanny, whose tender likely means the Nats will keep the lefty in the bullpen to serve as a long reliever.

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