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Jayson Werth Stays Neutral At Capitals Game Vs Flyers

The Washington Capitals hosted the Philadelphia Flyers in Washington last night and one of their newest fans, Jayson Werth, was in attendance, according to this picture from Dan Steinberg. But Werth spent a long time in Philadelphia during his career, which raises the important question: was he rooting for the Capitals or the Flyers last night?

It's clear that Werth is a hockey fan. He has been seen at games at various times this season as he enjoys the baseball offseason. But in previous pictures, he could be seen decked out in Capitals garb as he made his allegiances clearly known. In this picture, he is just wearing a grey version of the killing shirt from the show "Dexter." So what gives?

According to that article, Werth elected to stay neutral on Tuesday, not rooting vehemently for either side. Although if I had to guess, I'd say that his cheers were probably louder for the Flyers towards the end of their 5-1 drubbing of the Capitals.