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Yu Darvish Rumors: Washington Nationals Did Not Bid On Japanese Pitcher, According To Report

The final decision on which MLB team will have the chance to sign Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish will come later on Friday, but we know the winner will not be the Washington Nationals. The Nationals will not be bidding on Darvish, according to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post.

The identity of the team that won the right to negotiate with Yu Darvish has yet to be revealed, but we can count out the Nationals. Washington did not submit a posting bid, according to multiple people with knowledge, opting to stay on the sidelines of a sweepstakes that will cost whomever lands the Japanese superstar upwards of $100 million.

The Nationals had expressed interest in Darvish, but with teams likely to have to bid around $50 million just to get the chance to sign him to a contract, the price simply was too rich. The Toronto Blue Jays are reportedly in the driver's seat for Darvish's services.

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