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Prince Fielder Rumors: Washington Nationals Among Teams Interested, According To Report

The Washington Nationals were linked to Prince Fielder a lot before the offseason began and through the Winter Meetings, despite the fact that officials with the team have reportedly shot down rumors that they were interested. But they continue to be mentioned along with other suitors, the latest coming from Jon Heyman of CBS Sports who lists the Nationals with the Mariners and the Orioles as teams that may have the most interest in Fielder late in the free agent season.

The Nationals have been keeping a low profile on their pursuit and it's unknown where they stand but signs suggest they do have Fielder on their radar. He isn't a perfect fit as they already have Mike Morse and Adam LaRoche for first base, though they could move Morse to the outfield and LaRoche is a small expense compared to Fielder.

Fielder would be the marquee pickup that Nationals fans have been clamoring for this offseason, even if his addition would mean having to shuffle some of the other pieces on the roster. If you can bring Prince Fidler into the fold, you don't worry about having Adam LaRoche in front of him. We'll have to see if this interest is just reported or if the Nationals are actually trying to obtain the slugger.