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MLB Winter Meetings: Mike Rizzo Discusses No-Trade Clauses, Bryce Harper

Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo gave an interview with the press on the first day of the 2011 Winter Meetings, and the most significant subjects discussed were the prospect of giving a player a no-trade clause and the status of Bryce Harper.

On the former topic, Rizzo said that while he's normally averse to handing them out, he did do it for Jayson Werth last year and could do it again for the right player. Via CSN Washington's Mark Zuckerman:

"I guess we've opened that door," Rizzo said this afternoon during his daily press briefing. "We prefer not to, and they'll be a huge part of the negotiation. But for the right player and the right fit, I think you have to be open-minded and flexible enough to at least think about it and talk about."

Rizzo also said that while the team is looking for a new center fielder, they could shift Werth to right field because Bryce Harper could be ready for the majors as soon as next season, according to Bill Ladson of

We'll be covering the Winter Meetings and all of the Nationals potential dealings this week in this StoryStream. For more on the Nationals, check out Federal Baseball.