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MLB Rumors: C.J. Wilson Draws Washington Nationals' Eye, According To Report

The latest MLB rumor du jour has the Washington Nationals making a big push to sign Texas Rangers' left-handed pitcher C.J. Wilson, arguably the top free agent on the market. Despite reports that the Nationals are more interested in pursuing Mark Buerhle, a rumor by Sirius XM radio host and former major league manager Jim Duquette suggests the Nationals are offering Wilson a six-year contract.

Source- Nationals have offered a 6th year to CJ Wilson.

Wilson would be the top-of-the-rotation starter the Nationals are seeking, but as the top free-agent pitcher on the market, he will likely command a major contract. Wilson went 16-7 with a 2.94 ERA for the Rangers last season, but also struggled in the playoffs and is 30 years old. Will the Nationals really commit to spending a ton of money on a player older than 30 for the second straight year after Jayson Werth struggled last season?

We'll be covering the Winter Meetings and all of the Nationals potential dealings this week in this StoryStream. For more on the Nationals, check out Federal Baseball.