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MLB Rumors: Nationals Rebuffed By Yankees When Inquiring About Brett Gardner, According To Report

The Washington Nationals have been silent so far during the Winter Meetings with not much known who they are targeting and what they are approaching potential free agents with. Starting pitching and bench players are currently Nationals needs, but so is an everyday center fielder. With Grady Sizemore going back with the Cleveland Indians, this year's crop of remaining free agent center fielders is not hot so it was thought the Nationals might be slowing their search for the middle outfield position.

However, Pete Kerzel from MASN says that sources told him the Nationals have been active in searching for a center fielder and have approached the New York Yankees about Brett Gardner. Gardner hit .259 in 159 games for the Yanks in 2011 and is considered one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. So far though, New York isn't interested as attempts to talk about a trade for Gardner have been "rebuffed."

So the search continues for a Nationals center fielder in Dallas, in a climate that is beginning to feel a little smothering to the Nationals and their fans.