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MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper Reportedly Has Very Good Chance To Make Major League Roster Out Of Spring Training

The Nationals have been looking for an outfielder all offseason long, but their efforts have been mostly fruitless. But there is a pretty good outfield prospect in the organization, Bryce Harper, who may be the organizations best chance at a difference making outfielder. The only question is if he is ready or if he is too young for immediate major league action. According to one report, the Nationals seem very likely to give him a chance right out of spring training.

One Nationals person: 95 percent Bryce Harper makes team out of spring training.
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Harper is without question the best prospect in the organization, and arguably the best prospect in the game of baseball. He could provide a nice amount of pop as a left-hander, but it will probably take him a significant amount of time to adjust to major league pitching, especially considering he would be making the jump straight from an abbreviated stay in AA.

The big story here is that Harper will still be 19 years old when Spring Training breaks in the Spring and won't turn 20 until mid October of next year. I don't think anyone thought that Harper would be in the Majors after only one year in the Minors, but if they can't find a better outfield option via trade or free agency, it might be their only option.