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2011 Nationals Spring Training: Livan Hernandez To Be Opening-Day Starter, Nyjer Morgan To Hit Leadoff

Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman spoke to the media for the first time at the teams' 2011 Spring Training in Viera, Fla., and he affirmed that Livan Hernandez and Nyjer Morgan should return to the same roles they occupied last season. Riggleman confirmed that Hernandez will be the team's opening-day starter, and added that Morgan will likely be the leadoff hitter, with shortstop Ian Desmond hitting second.

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#Riggs said Nyjer Morgan and Ian Desmond most likely will be the first two hitters in the lineup. #Nats

#Riggs said Livan Hernandez will be the Opening Day starter for the #Nats.    

The news about Hernandez is not a surprise because general manager Mike Rizzo said the same thing a month ago. However, the news about Morgan has been greeted with some disappointment because of Morgan's inability to get on base last season. He had just a .319 on-base percentage in 2010, though he was all the way up at .396 the year before.