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2011 Nationals Spring Training: Reaction To Bryce Harper's First Batting Practice Session

Bryce Harper reported to Spring Training today and took his first hacks in a Nationals uniform in front of the assembled media. As you may imagine, they had a whole lot to say. Here is the reaction from the twitterverse about Harper's first swings, and the moments leading up to them. I'd recommend following the links.

Kelli Johnson, CSN:

Harper getting warmed up for his first BP of Nationals spring training


Ok so it's a shaggy grown out Mohawk for Harper... Swing looks sweet

Gotta disagree about the mohawk. That looks like a normal haircut from where I'm sitting. A faux-, maybe, but definitely not a mo-. Anywho.

William Ladson, Nats Town.

#Nats OF Bryce Harper getting his hacks in the cage.


Harper's first swings if spring. First two hit straight back 2 pitcher, then lined one to RF


All eyes on Bryce Harper and it's just begun. First official workout tomorrow. Got a chance to chat w/Bob Boone

Nationals PR - Video: Bryce Harper during his first BP session of spring. #Nationals

Adam Kilgore, Washington Post

Bryce Harper is done. He hit about four homers in 40 swings. No oppo boppos. #Nats

So in review, Harper's swing looked good, but he didn't hit the cover off of any baseball's or shatter the light stands in deep right field. But then again, this was only his first day of Spring Training.