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Bryce Harper Rated Best Prospest In American By Baseball America

It's hard to know exactly where  where Bryce Harper stands as a prospect because he has yet to play a game in either the major or minor leagues. All we can really go on is what we've seen from high school, low level college, and the amount of hype around him. But there are services out there already willing to name him the best overall prospect in the game. And it's a pretty reputable service too.


Baseball America has come out with their list of the Top 100 prospects and baseball, and they have Bryce Harper at the top, just ahead of Mike Trout of the Angels.




Harper is already getting a lot of attention in the local media (just check out their twitter accounts for pitch-by-pitch updates of his batting practice), but Harper is also getting a lot of ink on a National level. When he makes it up to the Major Leagues, whenever that may be, his arrival will likely be as heralded and hyped as Stephen Strasburg's was this year.