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2011 Nationals Spring Training: Rick Ankiel The Frontrunner For Center Field Job

The Nationals have juggled their outfield considerably during Spring Training this year. When camp started, Jayson Werth was the right-fielder (don't worry, that hasn't changed), Nyjer morgan was the center fielder, Roger Bernadina and Michael Morse were fighting for at-bats in left, while Rick Ankiel was brought on board presumably as a defensive replacement and a veteran bat off the bench. So where do we stand now?

Michael Morse has played well enough to lock up the left field spot, while Nyjer Morgan has struggled considerably, putting his hold on the center field job in question. So Roger Bernadina and Rick Ankiel, two players thought to be fighting for at-bats in left, are now competing with Morgan for the every day center field job, and the current leader in the clubhouse might be a bit of a surprise.

I was informed it is a two-man race for the CF job between Rick Ankiel and Nyjer Morgan. Ankiel is still the frontrunner. #Natsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Bernadina has played pretty well this Spring, but he is probably the odd man out because he still has a minor league option left on his contract. And I can't imagine the Nationals keep three left handed center fielders on their rosters. I'm not sure anyone would have imagine Rick Ankiel as the opening day center fielder when the Nationals signed him earlier this year.