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The Nationals Are The 16th Most Valuable Team In Baseball

Forbes just came out with their rankings of the most valuable teams in baseball, and the Nationals come in at a pretty respectable 16th. If you're into numbers and math and all of the things that forced me to take a semester off from college, then I recommend checking the article out.


The most interesting stat for me is player cost-to-win ratio, which measures how much value they are getting out of their team relative to other teams. The league average is set at 100, and the Nationals scored a 98. So the Nationals got 2% fewer wins than their payroll would normally dictate. So even though a small payroll may be hurting them, it doesn't help that the players they do have aren't living up to the value of their contract.


But the Nats do have some things going for them. A beautiful new stadium, young phenoms Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, and a fan base with room to grow. If they can start winning more consistently, they might move up this list a little bit in the future.