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Jim Riggleman Says He Is 'Disappointed' And 'Surprised' At Nyjer Morgan's Comments

Nyjer Morgan recently told that he expects to be released from the team at the end of spring training.

Well, according to Mark Zuckerman of CSNWashington, you can count Jim Riggleman as someone who didn't really appreciate those comments.

"The thing about it is, Nyjer has been just a tremendous worker this spring," Riggleman said. "He's been the first guy here, putting in the time in the cage, working with Bo Porter on his baserunning. He's been an outstanding ... all-around guy.

"So I'm disappointed that he feels that way. But I'm sure it's based on he's probably seeing there's two or three other guys he's competing with. Maybe he feels like we're sending him a message that he's not our center fielder. We're still determining that. We're still determining where he fits on the club if he's not our center fielder."

Although it seems like Morgan has improved his game as spring training has gone on, it still looks like his relationship with the Nationals will probably end sooner rather than later.