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2011 MLB Opening Day, Braves Vs. Nationals: Weather Forecast Calls For Rain

The Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves are set to play at 1:05 p.m. on MLB opening day on Thursday ... provided the weather cooperates, of course. As of right now, though, that may not happen. The latest weather forecast calls for an 80-percent chance of rain, according to

As of noon on Wednesday, the weather in the zip code of Nationals Park (2003) is expected to be 48 degrees, with an 80-percent chance of rain. Here's a screenshot of the page.


The Nationals' fanfest on Wednesday will happen regardless of the weather, but obviously, if there is a lot of rain, the game will be delayed and possibly even postponed. Even if the rain is not that bad, the field conditions could be poor because of the rain forecasts for the previous days. 

If the game happens, Livan Hernandez will get the start for the Nationals, who are hoping to improve on their so-so season last year.