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Lots Of Tickets Remain For Nationals Opening Day After All

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When we noted this item about the Nationals not selling any more Opening Day tickets, we completely downplayed the effect of the secondary market and the idea that more tickets would be made available leading up to gametime. So ... about all that...

Do you want to go to the game? All you need to do is buy $4 tickets on Stubhub. Yup, that's right: many outfield seats are being sold for the remarkably expensive price of $4. Sure, it's supposed to rain and be cold, and sure, it's a team not projected to be very good, but that's a pretty nice bargain.

Also, you can buy suite tickets for Thursday's game as well, thanks to the Nationals deciding to release some of these at the last minute. These cost $145 for one game, and of course, you have to wonder why they are being released.

So if you want to get in on the action, don't worry. There are plenty of seats actually available.

(Via DC Sports Bog and @kevin_reiss. Screenshot of Stubhub at 4:40 p.m. Wednesday below the jump).