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2011 MLB Opening Day, Braves Vs. Nationals: Decision To Postpone Game Will Happen Thursday Morning

The Braves and Nationals are set to take part in MLB's opening day on Thursday at 1:05 p.m., but due to a weather forecast that calls for rain, there is a good chance the game will be postponed. Owner Mark Lerner, in a press conference at the teams' FanFest event, said the team will make a decision on whether to go through the game on Thursday morning.

Via Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington.

Mark Lerner says #Nats will try to make call on play-or-postpone early tomorrow. They won't play tomorrow night, would go Fri afternoon.    

As of right now (5:30 on Wednesday), the weather forecast has actually improved from earlier Wednesday., which previously hinted at there being an 80 percent chance of rainnow says that is down to 50 percent, and it may be at night. This would then give the Nationals enough of a window to get their game in during the afternoon, when it is not projected to rain.