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Nationals Opening Day: Braves Lead 1-0 After RBI Single From Brian McCann

Today is Opening Day, and the Nationals are facing the Braves. They just wrapped up the first half-inning of the season, here is everything you need to know.

  • Game time temperature is 41 degrees. That sounds unpleasant for everyone involved.
  • So far so good for new Nats' color guy F.P. Santangelo. We're about 2o minutes into the broadcast and I haven't heard a single "we."
  • Just when I think Livan Hernandez can't throw it any slower, he breaks out a 71 mph changeup.
  • He gets the first two outs of the game, but then Chipper Jones ropes an inside pitch over LaRoche at first and stretches it into a double. Brian McCann swings on the first pitch of the next at-bat and brings Jones in with a single up the middle. 1-0 Braves.
  • Livan gets Dan Uggla to pop out to center to end the inning. Ian Desmond will be up first for the Nats in the bottom of the First.