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Nationals Opening Day: Nats Waste Espinosa Single In Second, Still Trail Braves 2-0

Today is Opening Day, and the Nationals are facing the Braves. They just wrapped up the second inning of the season, here is everything you need to know.

  • Even though I knew it was happening, I was still surprised to see Rick Ankiel introduced as the starting center fielder. He drives a ball deep to left field which brings the fans to their feet, but Heyward has enough room and makes the catch. The first disappointment of the season.
  • Next up is Danny Espinosa, the Nats new every day second baseman. He hits a soft dribbler up the third base line which he beats out for a single. Not the most impressive base hit in the world, but we'll take them any way they come. Don't look now, but Danny Espinosa is batting .1000 and is the leading candidate for N.L. Rookie of the Year.
  • Pudge Rodriguez is up next. Bob Carpenter brings the knowledge, "Danny Espinosa hitting in front of Pudge in this lineup is an interesting, thing." Why yes it is. Pudge ground to the third baseman, but Espinosa was running on the play so they avoid the double-play. Man on second with two outs.
  • Here comes Livan, ready to justify all the talk about his hitting prowess. He hits a soft bouncer right back to Derek Lowe, who is able to throw him out before Livan gets halfway down the base path. Gotta conserve that energy big man! Nats still trail 2-0 after two.