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Nationals Opening Day Score: Washington Shut Out In Loss To Braves

The Nationals fell to the Braves on MLB Opening Day, a 2-0 loss at in D.C.. Livan Hernandez pitched well over 6.1 innings for Washington, but surrendered one run in each of the first two innings, which was enough to doom his club. If you didn't take off from work to watch, here's what you need to know about the game:

  • The Nationals were unable to get it going offensively. Daniel Espinosa was the only player with multiple hits. But Washington was also less opportunistic. But neither club hit much -- each managed five hits. The difference: Brian McCann was able to drive in Chipper Jones in the first inning and Jason Heyward went yard in the second. The Nats left Espinosa on base after he doubled in the bottom of the seventh.
  • Jayson Werth batted second and notched his first hit as a National after landing a big contract this offseason. He also played well in the outfield.
  • Bottom line: It hurts to get shut out, but this is game No.1 of a 162 game season.