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Jayson Werth Uses 'November Rain' As At-Bat Music In First Game With Nationals

Jayson Werth is pretty new to the City of Washington, but it's already clear that he is pretty, ummm, eccentric. The grizzly man ensemble should be a good representation of that. That's why I was excited to see what he would pick as his at-bat music for his first game with the Nationals, because it would be his first opportunity to really introduce himself to the fans.

When he stepped up to plate in his first at-bat, the speakers were blaring the "immortal" Guns N' Roses classic November Rain. If you've never heard the song, and you have nine minutes to spend, you can check out the song here. But the part Werth used for his at-bat is the final guitar solo, which starts at the 7:25 mark.

At first, I didn't know what to think. It's an 18-year-old song that doesn't really act as a pump-up song, which is what most at-bat songs are. But then I went online and listened to it again, and I realized it was perfect. The solo was epic, and it was just far enough outside the box to believe that it was Werth's invention. Plus, I really like the idea of him going to the sound tech, handing him an original November Rain single cassette that's already queued up to the right spot. That's totally something I can see him doing.