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2011 MLB Opening Day: Adam Dunn Impressive In White Sox Debut

MLB Opening Day 2011 may be over already here in D.C., but there's one former Washington Nationals player who is making headlines. Nope, not Nyjer Morgan, who failed to crack the lineup for the Milwaukee Brewers today. We're talking about Adam Dunn.

The former Nationals slugger hit a two-run home run and a two-run double today in his debut with the Chicago White Sox, helping his team beat the Cleveland Indians 15-10 in what would be the highest scoring game of this young season. Dunn's four RBI's in four at bats puts him one behind Carlos Quentin for the league lead.

Surprisingly enough, despite this being Dunn's 11th year in Major League Baseball, today's home run was his first ever in the American League.

The Big Donkey won't be easy to replace in the Nationals' lineup. He hit 38 home runs and collected over 100 RBI's in each of the last two seasons for Washington. But he's one former player that we definitely don't mind cheering for. Especially since he's in the other league.