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VIDEO: Phillies Fan Gives Five Fingers To Face Of Thomas Jefferson

In the Halls of Bad Fan Behavior, you can't get any worse than running out onto the field and getting tasered. You can't get any worse than throwing batteries at a ballplayer or vomiting all over an innocent family trying to enjoy a baseball game. There is no way possible there is anything worse than booing Santa Claus. No way. There is no worse behavior. Unless you smack one of the Founding Founders of this great country in the face!

During the Presidents Race in the middle of the fourth-inning of the Washington Nationals 4-0 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday, the Nationals' racing president mascots where doing their thing when a Phillies fan took it upon himself to give ole' Thomas Jefferson a good smack in the face. Watch the right side of the screen in the video.

I can tell you right now, that fan would never get out of Charlottesville, VA if he pulled a stunt like that in Jefferson's central Virginia hometown.

This is yet another new low for Phillies fans. It is slightly amusing considering now not only is Philadelphia considered the most toxic city in the U.S. and has the worst sports fans in America, it can now be considered thoroughly un-American. C'mon, he's slapping a President!

And the Nationals organization welcomes these fans with open arms...

(via Let Teddy Win)