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Potomac Nationals Stadium Deemed Unplayable By MLB Officials

If you have ever had the courage to make the trek to Prince William County and attend a game at Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Single-A Potomac Nationals, then you know the reputation the 27-year old ballpark lovingly coined "The Pfitz" has. It's probably one of the worst places you can watch a game in the Minor Leagues. It's sometimes hard to read scoreboard, there's bad seating, bad sight lines and a general lack of modern day ballpark luxuries.

All that might have finally caught up with it, as MiLB officials have deemed the field at the Pfitz "unplayable." at least for the current home series against the Fredrick Keys.

The Potomac Nationals will have to move their next home series to Frederick because of inadequate and unsafe field conditions at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Va.

Minor league baseball officials inspected the field Friday and deemed it unplayable. In the offseason, a new drainage system was installed in the outfield, and grass has not completely grown around the area where the drainage system was placed.

The P-Nats' first game in Frederick will be Monday and they will be the visiting team.

The year that the Pfitz opened up, the top movie was Beverly Hills Cop, the space shuttle Discovery made its maiden voyage, the first Apple Macintosh went up for sale and Phill Collins was on top of the musical world as the first MTV Music Awards jump started.

Boy. Times change, things change, but the loveable and seedy Pfitz remains the same.

(Via We Love DC Sports and Byron Kerr)