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VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Performs In D.C., Wears A Nationals Jersey

Many attribute the Washington Nationals current win streak and push up the standings to good pitching, good hitting and the team finally paying attention to the fundamentals, but one has to wonder if the team might have a little tiger blood in them? At least that is what Charlie Sheen might think.

The self-proclaimed "Warlock" and Hollywood madman was in D.C. Tuesday night performing a session of his "Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat Is Not an Option" Tour at DAR Constitutional Hall. He talked about "winning," a possible presidential run, Barack Obama's birth certificate and more, but Washington wasn't interested in what he was talking about. No, Washington was interested in what he was wearing.

Sheen came out on stage to begin his act in a Nationals' red, alternate jersey. No, not Washington Capitals. No, not Washington Wizards or Redskins or D.C. United. Washington Nationals. Winning!

The magic did not last, however. After greeting fans and getting settled in Sheen took off the jersey and threw it into the crowd before beginning his show.

Perhaps this is the reason the crowd reportedly started to file out of Constitutional Hall throughout the night and his act scored dismal reviews.



(video via Main Street Zoo)