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Nationals Vs. Pirates Score: Nationals Attacked By Pirates, Trailing 6-2

The game between the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates experienced a one hour and eleven minute rain delay at PNC Park, but from the way Saturday's game has played out the Nationals probably wish it was still in a delay or outright cancelled. The Nationals trail the Pirates 6-2 going into the fifth.

Starter Livan Hernandez, pitching in his 450th consecutive game, had the Bucs jump all over him as he made 31 pitches in a five-run first-inning. The Pirates scored their sixth run in the second-inning without scoring a hit. The Pirates have been helped by two Nationals errors, one from shortstop Ian Desmond and the other from catcher Wilson Ramos.

The Nationals only runs came from a Michael Morse RBI single when he brought in Adam LaRoche in the second-inning and in the fourth when Jayson Werth hit his third home run of the season. Without drastic improvements in nearly every part of the Nationals game, it is doubtful that on a night where Hernandez reaches an epic milestone anyone in Natstown will be celebrating.