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Nationals Have Gone From Fireworks To A Submarine Horn

A lot of fans were a bit disappointed when the Washington Nationals announced they would no longer be firing off fireworks after the Nationals hit a home run or claim victory. "BANG, ZOOM, GO THE FIREWORKS" is no more. Worry not, Natstown. The Nationals Think Tank has come up with what they think is a proper replacement: a submarine horn.

"WONK, WONK, DIVE, DIVE!" Eh, it doesn't seem to work as well. Why Nationals, why? D.C. Sports Bog:

"We’re only six years old; we should look for brand identifiers in the market that differentiate us not only in the marketplace but in sports," Nats COO Andy Feffer told me recently, when we were discussing sub horns. "The Nationals should be developing something that’s brand-centric and distinctive from other teams in the [Washington] market, and from other teams in Major League Baseball."

The need for the Nationals to find their own identity and build their own traditions is understandable. What is questionable is do people really think of a submarine horn when they think of Washington D.C.? Do they walk out of Reagan National Airport after a long flight, take a look at the proud Washington Monument and have the sounds of a U-Boat on the attack going off in their heads?

Most likely not, but it might be fitting as the Nationals are on a "Hunt For a Red October." That was a submarine movie joke, by the way. To hear an example of the new submarine horn, click on the Bog link.

(via D.C. Sports Bog)