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Washington Nationals 'Monitoring' Livan Hernandez Money Laundering Investigation Closely

Washington Nationals starter Livan Hernandez is under investigation for allegedly money laundering for a convicted drug trafficker. While details are still coming out, CSN Washington's Mark Zuckerman tweeted that the Nationals' organization is aware of what is going on and are keeping close watch on how the trial of drug trafficker Angel Manuel Ayala plays out:


There is still no official word from Hernandez himself.

Ayala implicated Hernandez saying he was laundering money for Ayala while Ayala gave him a warehouse with several brands of expensive luxury cars. No official charges have been brought against Hernandez as of yet, Jaqueline Novas, special counsel to the U.S. Attorney in San Juan, Puerto Rico, told Amanda Comak of the Washington Times.

"We’re looking into people who assisted with money laundering," Novas told The Washington Times on Wednesday. "(Hernandez’s) name came up during the trial several times."

No doubt MLB and the Nationals' organization will be monitoring the outcome very closely and will act swiftly and appropriately if needed when more concrete information is known.