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Livan Hernandez Investigated For Being 'Straw Buyer' For Drug Trafficker, According To Report

More details are emerging about a federal investigation into Nationals' pitcher Livan Hernandez for his alleged interaction with drug trafficker Angel Ayala Vázquez. A federal law enforcement source tells the Washington Times that Hernandez is being investigated for being a "straw buyer," which means he purchased things in his name or someone else's name for Vázquez. In this case, Hernandez allegedly purchased luxury cars and property.

Via Amana Comak of the Washington Times.

Federal law enforcement source tells Washington Times Livan Hernandez is suspected of being "straw buyer" for convicted drug lord Vazquez. Being the "straw buyer" means Hernandez purchased things (in this case allegedly cars/property) in his own or another name w/Vazquez's money    

It remains unclear whether Hernandez will be charged criminally. A special counsel to the U.S. attorney told Comak that was "getting ahead of ourselves" when asked. The Nationals have said they are monitoring the situation, while Hernandez has declined to comment thus far.