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Brewers PA Announcer Forgets To Call Nyjer Morgan's Name

Everyone in Washington D.C. who followed the Washington Nationals last season knew about Nyjer Morgan, thanks to his colorful personality and his crazy antics after being hit by a pitch, being blocked on the basepaths, being a baseball player ... pretty much for anything he ever did. It appears Morgan's new team, the Milwaukee Brewers, don't really recognize him much.

Morgan got the start in center field for the Brewers' home opener Monday instead of the ineffective Mark Kotsay, but the Brewers' PA guy apparently didn't get the memo.

PA announcer forgets Nyjer Morgan as players are introduced before Brewers home opener. Welcome to Milwaukee, Nyjer!less than a minute ago via web

Does this mean Morgan is primed for another outburst about how he is always disrespected? Fear not, because his teammates are here to save the day.

Morgan runs out to wild applause from teammates after being forgotten during introductions.less than a minute ago via web


Whew. Crisis averted.