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Bryce Harper Stars In Minor Leagues, But Is He Best Prospect Ever?

Alright, Bryce Harper, we get it. You are absolutely tearing up the pitching at Single-A Hagerstown. You're hitting nearly .400 and have a 15-game hitting streak going. You're clearly too good for this level, and you should probably get moved up the Washington Nationals' minor-league system at some point very soon. Your 4-5, five-RBI performance chronicled in the above video is breathtaking. You're clearly a special talent. 

But are you the best prospect of all time?

Despite all the hype, I'm still not sure we're accurately appreciating just how good this kid really could be. He's 18 years old, playing in his first professional season at a time when he should be getting ready to graduate from high school, and he's hitting .396/.472/.712. That's his line after last night's 4 for 5 performance - one which included a grand slam, his eighth home run of the season.

He's eighteen years old. Sure, it's only 111 at-bats, but he could go into a slump of epic proportions and still match the numbers put up by some of the best age-18 seasons of all time.

That's a debate for another day, I guess. But for now, just continue to mash the ball like you have been doing.