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Stephen Strasburg May Return To Washington Nationals In September, According To Report

Stephen Strasburg was put on a 12-18 month time period when he underwent Tommy John surgery last September. So far, he appears to be on schedule, and there is yet another report out there indicating that the Washington Nationals believe he will be fully healthy in time to pitch in the Major Leagues this September.

This report comes from ESPN's Jayson Stark:

Stephen Strasburg is another story, though. Strasburg remains on a similar track to Jordan Zimmermann's Tommy John surgery recovery of a year ago. Strasburg got started a few weeks later than Zimmermann did last year. But if nothing goes amiss, he could make five or six minor league appearances and be back, tentatively, pitching in the big leagues by September. The Nationals won't force those September starts if he's not ready, but Strasburg is all for that path. "Hell," said one Nationals exec, "if it were up to him, he'd start tonight."    

This isn't really a change, but it is an indication that Strasburg's rehabilitation is going positively, at least for now. For more on Strasburg, visit Federal Baseball.