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PHOTO: Washington Nationals Debut New 'Patriotic' Uniforms


These are the new Washington Nationals' "Patriotic" blue jerseys that they will debut prior to Monday night's home game against the San Francisco Giants. In yet another twist of fate, the jerseys are ready just in time for the first game following Osama Bin Laden's death. The Nationals had been planning on this to be their first Military Appreciation Night already, and these new jerseys will only drive home the experience at the ballpark tonight.

As a quick review, here is what is happening at Nationals Park for Military Appreciation Night, via Nationals PR:

  • A ceremonial first pitch by members of the U.S. army
  • The lineup card delivery, by members of the U.S. Marines
  • The Starting 9 will be joined by members of the Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, ANG and ARNG
  • The game ball will be delivered by members of the U.S. Air Force
  • The national anthem will be performed by members of the U.S. Navy, with the color guard by the U.S. army
  • There will be videos of active servicemen in Iraq airing during the game on the big screen.
  • The game will conclude with a flyover by the U.S. Coast Guard

This one should be memorable.

(image via @NationalsPR)