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Nationals' Minor Leaguer Died Due To Aggressive Sinus Infection, Not Bacterial Meningitis

Major League Baseball completed its investigation into the death of Washington Nationals' minor league prospect Yewri Guillen, an 18-year old who died at the Nationals' complex in the Dominican Republic. The investigation found that Guillen died due to an "aggressive sinus infection" rather than the bacterial meningitis that was originally suspected. However, the Nationals did take the correct precautions to ensure that had it been bacterial meningitis, it would not have spread.

Via Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington:

The committee also concluded that the Nationals "took the proper steps to insure that Guillen's medical care was handled appropriately, and that proper protocols were followed to prevent the spread of meningitis when that infection was suspected as the cause of Guillen's illness," according to a press release issued by MLB.

Guillen started feeling sick this April, and was sent home, where he died on April 14. The Nationals, suspecting bacterial meningitis, immediately did everything they could to make sure nobody else could get the disease. Despite the ultimate diagnosis, MLB recommended in its report that all baseball personnel working in the Dominican Republic get vaccinated.