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Padres Vs. Nationals Score: Rain Delays A 0-0 Tie At Nationals Park

Friday night's contest between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres has entered a rain delay in the fourth-inning of the first meeting of the two teams in 2011.

The Nationals John Lannan and Padres pitcher Clayton Richard have been putting up donuts on the scoreboard, both not allowing the other team to score, but Richard has given up two hits while Lannan has so far blanked the Padres line-up. Center fielder Roger Bernadina and first baseman Michael Morse are the only two players in the game that have scored hits.

The score is 0-0 at Nationals Park while the weather improves. At the time of this posting, the tarp on the field was being rolled off and it was announced they will try and restart the game at 8:35 P.M.

The Nationals would very much like to get this game finished and in their favor to break a five-game losing streak.