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Nationals Vs. Phillies: Nationals Unravel In Philadelphia, Lose 4-1

The Washington Nationals' 1000th game ended just like the first game they played in 2005 did: in a loss. The Philadelphia Phillies patiently dissected the Nats pitching, scoring double digit hits while Washington couldn't muster any offense of their own which led to the final score of 4-1 Phillies.

Nationals starter Livan Hernandez started out strong, but slowly the Phillies offense got to him. As the game went on frustrations for the Cuban pitcher mounted as the offense seemed incapable of hitting anything off Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and at one point Hernandez stepped off the mound in disagreement with a call from manager Jim Riggleman. Hernandez went six-innings giving up 10 hits and four runs. The fourth run was inherited after Hernandez was pulled and Doug Slaten allowed a run to score on a Ryan Howard single. Slaten's ERA continues to be 0.00, but that is becoming a deceptive stat in terms of what Slaten brings to the table.

The Nationals only run came off a Michael Morse solo home run in the seventh-inning.

Washington falls to 14-15 and into fourth place in the NL East.