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Nationals Vs. Padres Score: Instant Replay Keeps Nationals Ahead 2-1

Instant replay played a big part in the current Washington Nationals 2-1 lead over the San Diego Padres in the fifth-inning. Natstown groans were turned to sighs of relief as instant replay was used to overturn a Padres home run into a foul ball.

Pitcher John Lannan unleashed a pitch that Ryan Ludwick smashed and thought stayed fair as it hit the brick wall of the of the Western Metal Supply Co., but the Nationals challenged the call as they are allowed by MLB rules. After a few nervous minutes the ball was determined to go foul preserving the Nationals 2-1 lead. It certainly put Lannan's nerves to rest as he had already given up a home run to Anthony Rizzo in the second-inning, Rizzo's first big league home run.

The Nationals collected their two runs in the top of the first. Second baseman Danny Espinosa hit a RBI double scoring Ian Desmond and later Espinosa scored on a Wllson Ramos RBI single.