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Nationals' COO Andy Feffer Continues To Provide Unintentionally Hilarious Quotes

Washington Nationals' COO Andy Feffer is in charge of the team's non-baseball operations, and he's been in the news recently because of the completion of the new Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk in center field, featuring a new Shake Shack and other dining options. (For the record: I was at Tuesday's game, and the whole thing was cool, but not transcendent. But that's just me).

Anyway, the line that got people a little riled up was when Feffer said this:

"I think it will become the iconic, defining element of Nationals Park, the thing people leave and say, ‘Did you see that?'"

Later, in an interview with We Love D.C., Feffer clarified those remarks with another unintentionally goofy quote.

Bridge: It's just one of those places where people are saying, "Well,we've got a losing record right now, why is this what we should be working on while we've got a problem on the field?"

Feffer: I would say that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. The two feelings are mutually exclusive, but they're also together.

Someone should alert Feffer that, by definition, two things that are mutually exclusive can't be together. I get what he's saying, of course, but it still looks really weird on the page.