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Cardinals Vs. Nationals Score: Cardinals Push Nationals Into Extra Innings

The third and final game of a three game series between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals has gone into extra-innings as the two teams have battled to a 4-4 tie. The contest has moved to the 10th-inning.

The Nationals looked to have the game nearly wrapped up after the seventh-inning where they had a 4-2 lead. But the Red Birds slowly started getting back in the game. In the eighth-inning Albert Pujols popped one out of Nationals Park off a Tyler Clippard pitch to put St. Louis within one at 4-3. Then in the ninth reliever Drew Storen, looking for his 17, ended up earning his second blown save of the year when Yadier Molina was able to take the young closer deep.

Ian Desmond was able to get on base in the bottom of the ninth for the Nats, but Washington was unable to cash him in for the win and the sweep. Right fielder Jayson Werth clobbered a pitch to center field, but it was just short of a walk-off home run.