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VIDEO: Teddy Wins President's Race, Disqualified For Riding Segway

In a shocking upset, Teddy finally won a President's Race at Nationals Park. The much-maligned president, who has never won in the team's history, sped into first place riding a segway, stunning the crowd and finally bringing an end to the drought.

Alas, there was one problem: he was riding a segway. Because of this, Screech emphatically disqualified Teddy and declared Thomas Jefferson the winner. It was a noble attempt, especially given the heat, but it was all too obvious.

Too bad. Segway or no Segway, at some point, the Nationals need to throw Teddy a bone and let him win already. Granted, they had already DQ'd him for riding a bike and for being in the way of Kool Aid Man, but who cares about precedent anyway? Just let him win already.

(Video via Let Teddy Win. The GIFs below the jump are from Curly Dubs, and they are definitely worth your time).