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Mariners Vs. Nationals Score: Jerry Hairston Jr. Single Puts Nationals Ahead 2-1

The Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners are deep in battle in the fifth-inning. Both sides have scored, but it is the Nationals that are ahead 2-1 thanks to one of their veteran players.

The Nationals started off the scoring in the first-inning when second baseman Danny Espinosa hit a RBI single off Erik Bedard to score Ryan Zimmerman. That would be all the scoring until the fourth-inning when Justin Smoak scored on a Miguel Olivo single for Seattle. The Nats answered back in the bottom of the frame when Bedard gave up his second run of the game to Jerry Hairston Jr. who drove in Espinosa. Espinosa is 2-for-2 while Hairston Jr. is 1-for-2, the only hitting going on for the Nationals so far Wednesday night. Bedard has earned seven strikeouts against the Nats.

Southpaw John Lannan looks to be putting together another solid performance. He has only giving up one run on two hits and struck out three while walking none.