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Jim Riggleman Resigns, Says He's 'Too Old To Be Disrespected' By Washington Nationals

In a post game press conference following the Washington Nationals 2-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners, former Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned, telling reporters that the reason he set an ultimatum and ultimately resigned was because he felt disrespected by General Manager Mike Rizzo and the organization.

Riggleman said he approached Rizzo to discuss his contract, but Rizzo shot him down and did not want to speak about it at the time. After that, Riggleman knew his time in Washington was over.




It is never cool for an employer to disrespect its employees and in that respect we sort of understand where Riggleman is coming from. But still, you have to wonder what Riggleman is thinking. Is he himself not disrespecting the players that have counted on him to do the right thing and make the decisions to move them forward? Is he not turning his back on a fan base that did everything it could to embrace him?

Many questions will be answered in the coming days.