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Davey Johnson A Candidate To Replace Jim Riggleman As Washington Nationals Manager, According To Report

Now that Jim RIggleman has resigned as the Washington Nationals' manager, the question shifts to his ultimate replacement. For now, bench coach John McLaren will assume the duties. But with Riggleman gone, there is talk that general manager Mike Rizzo will look to make a bigger splash.

That is probably why Rizzo is potentially considering former Orioles manager and World Series champion Davey Johnson to take over the position, according to a report by Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman. Johnson, 68, has not managed since 2000.

Word is, Rizzo does want a veteran and will consider Davey Johnson, who took the Mets to a 1986 World Series championship and has been serving as an advisor to Rizzo. Johnson isn't quite Jack McKeon in terms of being an old-timer - he's 68 -- but he hasn't managed since 2000 with the Dodgers. Associates of Johnson's said he was preparing to take a scouting trip at Rizzo's request on Sunday, and while Johnson has been through a very rough period personally with the recent death of his stepson, he would probably accept the interim managing assignment if called. Johnson is said to love Riggleman, and he doesn't want to say anything insensitive to the situation.

Heyman also reports that Riggleman nearly quit several times prior to Thursday. He nearly did it when Rizzo received a contract extension before him, and also nearly did it at the Winter Meetings and Spring Training.