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Nationals Interim Manager John McLaren Ejected In The Eighth

Washington Nationals Interim Manager John McLaren is really getting a feel for his new, but temporary job. He has put the red hot Nationals on the verge of another win, handed his duties well and has also got ejected from his first game as interim manager after going ballistic on a reversed call.

In the eighth-inning with two outs the White Sox Paul Konerko was called out at first on a close play to end the inning. However another umpire reversed the call which then extended the inning and allowed Adam Dunn of the White Sox to have an at-bat with a man on and the score 2-0 Nationals. Shortstop Ian Desmond was given an error on the throw. An irate McLaren exited the dugout, screaming and cursing and was quickly ejected by the umpires as well as outfielder Jerry Hairston Jr. who also argued the call.

Adam Dunn eventually grounded out against reliever Sean Burnett and the score was preserved for the Nationals 2-0 going (finally) into the ninth.

Never a dull moment in Natstown these days.