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John McLaren Will Resign From Interim Manager Position But Possibly Stay In Organization

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Conflicting reports are coming out that Interim Manager John McLaren will indeed resign when Davey Johnson is named manager of the Washington Nationals sometime before Monday, but he will be only resigning his interim manager position. He will be looking to stay in the Washington organization.

Sources have confirmed that John McLaren is indeed planning to resign as #Nats interim manager but may stay in the organization.less than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

Previous reports had McLaren resigning completely from the Nationals due to loyalties to former manager Jim Riggleman and a rival of Johnson's.

During the live FOX Sports broadcast of the game between the Nationals and Chicago White Sox, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo stated that he had plans for McLaren, but he and the weekend interim manager have not made any plans solid as of yet.

Until Johnson is given the official role and the fates of the coaching staff is known, there will probably be plenty more rumor and conflicting information as the team shores up after a strange, but rough end of the week.