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Washington Waits For Davey Johnson To Be Officially Named Manager Of Nationals

It is set and done: Davey Johnson, once special assistant to the Washington Nationals will be the next manager of the Nationals. Washington and its fans are now in a holding pattern as they wait for the official word to come down from the team and some final details are ironed out. Johnson's agent has been in Japan and it is rumored this is part of the reason why an announcement has yet to be made.

Several pieces of information have come to light that give a clearer picture of what is going to be expected of Johnson. Today, general Mike Rizzo told FOX during a live broadcast of Saturday's game that the originally reported contract going through 2013 is false and Johnson is only signed for 2011 and will be a strong candidate for the position full time as the team does a broader manager search at the end of the season.

Johnson will travel to Chicago to be with the team on Sunday as interim manager John McLaren's time at the helm runs out and will fully take control Monday as the Nationals face the Los Angeles Angels. McLaren, in the meantime, will resign as interim manager and possibly remain in the organization, but not at his old position as bench coach. Rizzo on the FOX broadcast also mentioning having plans for McLaren, but would not go into more detail as he and McLaren have not solidified any plans as of yet.